Betlion Dream Team

Betlion have launched a fun game to play, along with their Goliath Jackpot and Betlion Pick 6 products. This one is called Belion Dream Team, and it’s all about you building your own fantasy team to play in the game for the day. You then earn points based on the players you have selected performance.

How to play Betlion Dream Team
First you need to pick the match. Betlion will provide a number of match options, but typically they will only give you one.
You then need to pick your players! Choose 6 players from any one game. Choose at least one player from each team. You can choose 1 star player from any match.

You then earn points based on the performance and behaviour of your players. The points are calculated as per below:

Goalkeeper Save-8
Shot Off Target-2
Shot On Target-10
Blocked Shot-5
Corner Won-3
Completed Pass-1
Own Goal-20
Penalty Miss-20
Red Card-30
Yellow Card-10
Failed Pass-1
Clean Sheet GK/DF only-30

The winner, that is, the person with the highest points, wins:
Ksh 10 000
Second prize is Ksh 5ooo and third prize is Ksh 2500