10 stake on this multibet returns 228.78

Canada Canadian Premier League
Forge vs Pacific



Brazil Série C - Play Offs
Náutico vs Figueirense



Dominica Ldf
Deportivo Pantoja vs La Romana

OVER 2.5


Peru Primera Division - Second Stage
Cusco vs Melgar



Peru Primera Division - Second Stage
Sport Boys vs Sport Huancayo



What is a Multibet?

A multibet allows a punter to combine a series of different types of bets into one big bet. They are sometimes referred to as all-up bets, parlays or accumulators, but they all offer punters potential winnings that are greater than if they bet on each selection individually.

This is because, in a multi bet, the odds multiply with each additional bet, known as a leg. The more legs in a multi bet the larger the stake. The pay put of each leg is worked out in the order of the leg finish, not the order that they bet was placed in. Along with multibet tips, we also provide free betting predictions.

Each successful leg is a bet win and the pay out of the first leg is then used as the stake for the second leg, and so on until all legs have finished.

Multi bets work best for bets where there are only two opponents and where the game can only conclude in two or three ways – either one opponent wins, loses or they draw. As a result football, is an excellent sport for multi bets and it has become an iconic part of football culture in recent years.

During the season, there can be anything from 100 matches playing on the same day, in different countries and leagues around the world. A multi bet allows for bets to be placed in several different leagues, for added diversity and some of the games are easier to bet on (because the favourites often hold the upper hand and go away with the win).

Aside from football, other sports like basketball, ice-hockey and tennis are very popular for multi bets. The only caution is that your selection must be non- related. For instance, in a match involving Chelsea vs Manchester United, you cannot bet that a certain Chelsea player will score a goal for Chelsea as well as betting that Chelsea will win, as both these outcomes are related – if the player scores, Chelsea is more likely to win the match anyway.

Multi bets are very popular with beginners as the combined odd is drastically high, and so promises a good profit. However, they are a risky bet type given that you need to get all the selections correct in order to win. If one or more of the selected outcomes does not occur, or is bet incorrectly, the punter can automatically lose the entire bet. Unlike jackpots, there are no consolation prizes in a multi-bet – it is very much all or nothing.

Professional, or more experienced betters, will usually steer away from a multi bet option as it also limits them to just the one provider for all the bets. Experienced punters would want to shop around for the best odds for every game.

There are also risks to the bookmakers, who can end up making very large pay outs. Some bookmakers have restrictions on how many legs punters can include in the one multi bet to limit a very large pay out. Usually multi bets are curtailed at 15-legs, although some betting sites can go up to 20 or 25.

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