Football Predictions Kenya is the leading expert for Free Football Predictions in Kenya. We provide deep analysis based on historical data, current performance and league position, and our custom developed JPpredictor Algorithm, that uses this data to make predictions for the fulltime score.

What football predictions do we make?

Jackpot Predictions

We are the first and leading provider of jackpot predictions in Kenya. We predict the outcome for every match, in every jackpot, from every betting site in Kenya. We do this in realtime, so that as a jackpot is announced, we provide the fixtures and the predictions for the matches in them. We have also developed quick jackpot tools, so you can quickly find all jackpot still open, all jackpots for tomorrow, or all jackpots ending on Saturday.

Football League Predictions

We also predict the fulltime scores for the matches in every major league, including English Premier League Predictions, Bundesliga Predictions, Serie A Predictions, along with shortcuts, like Football Predictions for tomorrow. The reason we provide the fulltime score predictions, is to empower you to build multibets from the football predictions. If our prediction is for HOME to win 2-1, then the bet you place could include market such as GG, or over 2.5, as well as 1.