Both Teams to Score Predictions

10 stake on this multibet returns 203.81

Usa Us Open Cup
Miami FC vs Tormenta

AWAY 1 - 3


Panama LPF
Herrera vs UMECIT

HOME 2 - 1


Usa Us Open Cup
Richmond Kickers vs Loudoun United

HOME 3 - 1


Paraguay Primera Division - Clausura
Nacional vs Libertad

AWAY 1 - 2


Argentina Primera - Torneo Inicial
Rosario Central vs Deportivo Riestra

DRAW 1 - 1


The boost of markets of late has seen many bet varieties come into play and this increases the thrills of predicting many factors that make up one contest.

In explaining this form of betting we will use Barcelona at home against Malaga as an example. The reason for this fixture is that it exemplifies a match that in all probability will be won by Barcelona, especially at the Nou Camp.

Instead of placing a bet on Barca to win and picking up extremely small earnings due to the odds, punters can now bet on whether both teams will score in the match.

There are so many variables to take into account when deciding to bet on this option, with league standings, attacking forward strength, historical data among a few factors to be taken in to decide the eventual bet using this format.

Barcelona are naturally a high-scoring team and there are very few games over the past two decades where they have not managed a goal, thus one side of the coin has been covered. Malaga on the other hand could provide the key element to winning in the BTTS market. Don’t like this betting market? Go to check all of our Kenya football betting predictions.

This is another option for almost all online sports vetting operators around Africa. This market is also often called GG or NG.
GG meaning both teams to score and NG meaning that both teams will NOT score

BTTS Research to win the bet

Let us factor in this further example; Barcelona have clinched the league in the last day and Malaga need a point to survive relegation. Barcelona further have a European Cup final the following week. Reason and research will show that Barca will field a weak team for this encounter, resting key players like Messi, Sanchez and Iniesta.

Malaga on the other hand will have to select a team that could win the match against the weakened favourites or the coach could choose a tactical side that will fight for a draw. If the Malaga coach selects a defensive squad this means he does not want his team to concede a goal and will be happy with a 0-0 draw. Malaga may get lucky and score on the counter attack, which will also be a game-plan for the manager to decide but tends to go well with the stalemate mind-set.

Barcelona may be resting key defensive players as well as their attacking stars which means that Malaga could face an easier front to push for goals and ensure their safety by winning the encounter.

The BTTS (GG/NG) bet is not on the result of the game (bear that in mind) but rather on the fact that it will only pay out if both teams will score.

Another variable to take into consideration in this game would be the weather and if it is an unseasonably rainy weekend ahead then this could mean more goals (slick outfield) or less goals (heavy field). The punter will have to do research on the pitch conditions at the Nou Camp.

The bookmakers obviously do all this research through computer generated algorithms and that will be reflected in the odds. This is just an explanation of how the BTTS bet will work, and the type of information used to assist the predictions.

Some more factors to look out for can be researched by studying the log positions and the goals scored for and against columns. Malaga could be in the relegation battle because they are the lowest scoring side in La Liga, or they could be among the middle clubs in terms of finding the back of the net but have the worst goals conceded record.

Then there is the form of each individual squad member to take into consideration as well as their fitness (some players may be favouring a bad ankle but are desperate to play).

Many of the leading sports betting sites offer this option, with some examples from Kenya;,, sportpesa, safaribet,, elitebetkenya, betika,, betin, 1xbet, mozzartbet and many others.

The same applies from Nigeria to Tanzania and this bet option is becoming one of the most popular bet-opportunities across the continent.

Elements to look out for in a BTTS multi-bet Prediction

One of the most exciting ways of betting and enjoying the weekend round of football is to take a multi-bet preferably with games on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

These multi bets increase win odds exponentially and results in the bettor following results from around the top leagues in the world.

Most jackpots use the Saturday/Sunday or Wednesday/Thursday night jackpot system.

This means that the EPL for example will make up the weekend jackpot and the European cup action will make up the Wednesday and Thursday night fixtures for a midweek Jackpot.

There is no jackpot in Africa that offers a BTTS jackpot but this possibility could be close at hand especially considering the popularity of this kind of bet.

Trying to analyse the goal-scoring feats for Barcelona versus Malaga is one aspect but imagine doing that for 15 games. The amount of research to get accurate forecast will take many hours. Odds generators do this in minutes, but many punters enjoy the research and planning as much as they do following the live action.

This is why there are key elements to look out for in predicting a BTTS bet across many games. Remember in a BTTS multi-bet the result is meaningless so punters must look out for teams that score often and play an attractive brand of football.

Liverpool for example are a high-scoring team but due to their tactical nature will often concede goals on the break. The trick is to find an opposition to Liverpool that can take advantage of overlapping fullbacks and add them to your BTTS bet.

The punter can look at the goals scored and goals conceded columns but factor in their home and away goal-scoring feats.

Many tipsters prefer two evenly-matched teams to be on their both teams to score bet slip but this could prove counter-productive as these games often produce goalless stalemates.

There are many statistical sites that a punter can follow that covers all win percentages, matches with one team to score or historical reference to matches where two teams score goals.

Statistics to keep in mind for BTTS betting

According to research analysis the German Bundesliga has the highest number of games that end with both teams scoring while surprisingly the EPL is below the Italian Serie A with regard to BTTS percentages.

This data analysis can be taken into consideration, especially with multi-bet BTTS systems.

Analysis over the past five years show the English Premiership provides the most negative results when it comes to placing a bet on the BTTS model. But like betting, football is also changing and most sides are buying creative players that can score goals (and win matches). Whether this will affect historical data straight away will take more research for the upcoming season.

Team statistics play a vital role in predicting whether both teams will score in a particular fixture. Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester City are all examples of teams that score often, while sides like Stoke and Burnley struggle.

Individual statistics are also a factor especially with the dominant attacking prowess of the likes of Salah and Kane in the EPL and Messi and Ronaldo in the La Liga league. These hot streaks by in-form players must also be taken into consideration.

Both teams to score in both halves

There is a continuation of the goal-scoring betting theme with a further market offered, with punters having the opportunity to earn higher winnings by predicting both teams to score in both halves.

This is a tougher bet to call as there are a host of variables that come into play but does provide thrills and spills. Penalty misses, great saves and wasted opportunities are a few pitfalls punters must watch out for when they take this bet.

The premise is exactly the same as in predicting a result where both team’s score in the entire match, except this is broken down into first and second halves.

To win on this bet both Manchester United and Manchester City (for example) have to score at least a goal apiece in either half and the result is disregarded.

The punter can make a multi-bet on a host of matches using this means to build a high-paying accumulator.

The various site operators will offer these bets with the odds available and as the punter adds multi’s to their bet-slips the odds will significantly increase.

There are bet markets which allow the bettor to predict the minutes of the goals as well as everything from who will conceded the most corners to the first player to be booked.

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