2.5 Under Over Predictions

Over/Under 2.5 Multibet @ 8.58

Match Prediction Odds

Argentina Primera - Torneo Inicial

Argentinos Juniors vs Arsenal



Argentina Primera B Nacional

San Martín Tucumán vs Guillermo Brown




East Atlanta vs Tormenta II

OVER 2.5


Peru Primera Division - Second Stage

Alianza Lima vs Ayacucho

OVER 2.5


Canada Canadian Premier League

Cavalry vs Edmonton

OVER 2.5


10 stake on this multibet returns 85.8

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Under Over 2.5 Goals Predictions

The sports betting market has increased substantially and Africa is following suit with many of the leading online operators offering a handicap system; particularly with regard to football.

This handicap system is taken on a game-to-game basis and can take the form of a single bet or a multi-bet.

The basis of the bet is simple enough with the punter having to predict how many goals will be scored in the match in total. If the encounter has less than 2.5 goals per game then it will be an UNDER 2.5 bet or if it has more than 2.5 goals it will be an OVER bet.

The reason the bet is set at 2.5 goals (even though there is no such a thing as half a goal) is to show the difference between a 2-0 game and a 2-1 result, the first being UNBDETF and the second being OVER. All football betting predictions are here.

For this single bet example we will use Arsenal versus Tottenham Hotspurs, with the Gunners playing at home:

If the punter believes that Arsenal (playing at home) and Spurs will be involved in a high-scoring game then the bet will be OVER or UNDER the 2.5 goal threshold regardless of which team wins.

If a bet-maker predicts that the result will be over and the match finishes 2-2 the punter will win. If the score was 1-1 the bettor would lose.

The bet market goes even further and offers results on the OVER or UNDER for each half.

For example in the Arsenal vs Spurs match the odds are placed on the F/H OVER 1.5 then this means Arsenal or Spurs must score two goals between them in the first half.

The same applies to the second half if the punter only wants to bet on the second 45 minutes an example being: S/H UNDER1.5 (scoring one or no goals in the second stanza).

The best way to prepare for bets of this nature is research and following of the odds and various tipster services. One can look out for a team’s average goals per match/half over the same season, previous season or historically to get a better idea on how to place your wager.

A side’s recent form and scoring trends, clean sheets, key injuries and BTT’S (both teams to score) are all advised to be taken into research account. The sports betting markets across Africa (and the world) are growing as fast as the popularity of the industry and with some guidance, research and advice, punters can now stand a better chance to succeed.

Almost all of the leading sports betting operators in Africa offer all of these bet options and the bet-markets are constantly being updated to include many more options.