BetLion Piga Pena

Piga Pena is an innovative game which was introduced by Betlion. This game is a virtual prediction game where you can win for correctly predicting where the penalty kick will be kicked.

How to play Piga Pena?

In order for you to play the Piga Pena game, you must visit the Betlion site on and click on Piga Pena on the main menu and you will immediately get access to the Piga Pena page.

You will notice that there are a number of odds which are located on different sections of the goal and you must select where you think the ball will go, if you feel that the ball will not be on target, there are odds on either side of the goals as well. You can also pick the odds for a save if you think the penalty will be saved.

After making your selection, you then need to put your stake and place your bet.

What are the odds?

The odds for the Piga Pena are fixed and they are as follows;
The odds for a goal are 7.25 but you have to make sure that the penalty goes through the spot you selected in order to win.
The odds for a penalty miss when it goes sideways are 8.5 and again the ball has to go to the side you selected in order for you to win.
The odds of a penalty save are 8.5.