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Betway 15 Jackpot
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Betway 13 Jackpot
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Betway Correct score 6 Jackpot
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Betway Pick 5 Jackpot
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Betway Kenya use Colossus and so have quite a few weekly Jackpots, however they are most well known for their 13 match weekly jackpot, this is the Betway Jackpot Prediction we make each week. is one of the industry leaders in the world of online sports betting in Kenya and offer a range of bet-markets and an extremely sizeable jackpot.
The Betway jackpot is one of the highest paying in Kenya with the first prize often reaching more than 50 million Kenyan Shillings.
The first prize is 20 million bob but the weekly jackpot is an accumulator and if no bettor strikes it lucky then the amount is rolled over.
When it happens
The weekly Betway jackpot takes place every weekend throughout the year. During the European football season (be sure to check out all of our football betting tips for those matches) – from late August until May the following year will see the fixtures made up almost entirely of the English premiership and La Liga, but some Italian and French games could be included. Off-season, the fixtures come from minor leagues across the time zones of the world.

Betway Jackpot Minimum bet amount
The minimum bet to enter into the Betway weekly jackpot is 25 Kenyan Shillings. The more double and triple chances marked off on a bet slip will increase the bet-amount exponentially. The calculation is simple; if a punter wants to take on double chance they double bet, if they want to take another, they times the amount by 2. If they want to take a triple chance they can times the stake amount by 3 and so on.

Number of matches in the Betway Jackpot
The weekly jackpot is made up of 13 matches and the punter will need to predict all 13 correct results to stand a chance to win the maximum amount.

What is the average jackpot pay out from Betway
The average maximum pay-out ranges from 10 million Kenyan Shillings all the way into the 60 million+ region dependent on whether the jackpot was rolled over. Bettors over the years have won 20 million bob on a single bet, while the full amount is often shared by 2 or more punters. The size of the jackpot means the wins are still considerable.

There are also large amounts to be won for only correctly predicting 12 of the 13 scheduled matches with two Kenyans each earning 400 000 Shillings at one draw as an example. If there are no straight-out winners then the pooled amount for 12, 11, and ten correct predictions will be more.
The average amounts for 11 correct predictions range from the 5 000 to 75 000 bob range.

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