Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

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Dafabet have two weekly jackpots. One is the midweek jackpot and one is the Chap Chap Jackpot, typically on a Thursday.
Dafabet Midweek Jackpot Details
Is typically on a Wednesday and the minimum stake is Ksh99. There are 13 matches, but consolidation prizes for predicting 11 matches (Ksh 500,000) and 12 matches (1 500 000). The jackpot amount is typically 22 000 000+

Dafabet Chap Chap Jackpot
This jackpot is typically on a Thursday and is only Ksh 50 to enter. There are 11 matches with the jackpot pool being 1,500,000 and consolidation prizes for 9 matches correct (Ksh 30,000) and 10 matches correct (Ksh 50,000)