Flooks Jackpot Predictions

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Flooks Daily Milli Jackpot

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Flooks is a relatively new betting site in Kenya. Although Flooks Kenya does offer plenty of sports, they focus on Football. Flooks have 4 bonuses/promotions that are worth looking at.
Deposit Bonus
You can only participate in one Wekapata bonus per day either by depositing KSH 50 or KSH 250. The 50 bob bonus is only issued once per day while 10 Bob bonus is issued up to 3 times a day.
Jackpot Bonus
10 bob bonus for every Jackpot bet. Maximum 3 times a day.

Shinda Bonus
This promotion is based on the total amount of Shinda Points one will have accumulated by 13/02/2020. There will be a total of 14 winners with the top player being awarded KSH 14,000 and the rest KSH 5,000

Cheza Kama Wewe
All 5 cash bets have to be placed on the same day to get the bonus. Jackpot Bets are not included in this promotion.

Flooks Jackpot

Flooks have a weekly and daily Jackpot, daily just like M-Bet. It consists of 15 matches and you need to correctly predict the outcome of each match to win. The jackpot bonus if you win is KSH 10,024,313.

Betway Up to KSH 5000 in Free Bets


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