Kwikbet Omoka Jackpot Prediction

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The kwikbet jackpot is made up of seven legs and while on paper this offers a significantly higher chance of landing a ‘full house’, that is seven from seven correct predictions, the truth is that it is much harder.

The pay-out is not as large as many competitors with a maximum bonanza win of 1 million Kenyan Shillings. The minimum stake is also one of the lowest in Kenya with a stake costing 30 bob.

The weekly jackpot comprises leagues from across the globe, including all of the English professional leagues, Italy Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga, and we provide predictions for all football matches they list.

Matches between teams in more remote leagues or in lower divisions enhances the experience in that punters must do some research on league positions, form and all other variables.

The jackpot takes the form of the traditional football pool, with a punter having to predict a result on each contest, namely a home win, draw or away win.

One of the biggest advantages of seven-legged jackpot is the small number of legs to hit the big win, and this makes it an attractive bargain for many punters. But the kwikbet jackpot is far harder to predict as punters need to accurately predict the half-time score, as well as the final result of the contest.

In one leg of the weekly jackpot an example game will look like this: Manchester City versus Liverpool. The punter must predict if City will leads at the break and Liverpool to win. On each fixture the odds for each event happening are displayed. In this instance the odds on Man City winning first half will be 5/1, the odds on first half being a tie is 10/10, and the odds of Liverpool winning second half at 15/1. Then a punter must choose two options to qualify for the jackpot, and this must be done for all seven games.

This is a unique jackpot in Kenya and can be the hardest one to predict, and with the low maximum pay-out of 1 million bob, it is not clear of the kwikbet formula will prove popular for punters. The novelty value is interesting, but the difficulty in predicting such a complicated formula may scare players away. One of the key elements in a jackpot is to simplify the process and kwibet are not doing this, so this could lead to a punter moving to more traditional jackpots ion others sites.

The format is different, but sometimes different does not always equate to better.

An example bet by SMS will look like this: sms wjp#home away, draw away (all the 7 possible outcomes) to 29028. Example: sms wjp#12x12x12x1xxx1 and send to 29028.

The Mpesa pay bill number to take part in this jackpot is 290028. Players must be subscribed members of kwikbet to be eligible for the jackpot draw.

The jackpot is also not an accumulator meaning that the asset maximum prize is always 1 million Ksh, and this is another disadvantage, especially in the difficult nature of the prediction of seven games (half-time and full-time).

Draws and results will be made available on the site, while jackpot winners can get their money put into their e-wallet account with kwikbet or the office will contact the winning punter and decide the best payment option, Results are generally put up within 24-28 hours after the final whistle of the last match on the jackpot fixture list for that week.