Mjomba Jackpot Predictions

The online sports betting market in Kenya is exploding and offer sports and bet-lovers incredible opportunities to win.

The opportunities to earn extra money or even become a serious bettor has seen a growth in the sports tipster services available online.
There are many top-rated results prediction sites while there are just as many fly-by-nights.
Mjomba.com is one of the most professional sites offer tips for a small subscription fee. They also offer one off bet advice with a single game costing 100 Kenyan Shillings and a jackpot prediction selling for 150 Bob. From information gleaned from landing page the site only offers their services for football (the most popular sport to bet on in Africa).

Mjomba.com use very similar predictor algorithms that bookmakers embrace and this means that they will look at every variable when offering a tip.
These computer-generated algorithms are extremely accurate as they take factors such as form, fitness, head-to-head, historical data, league position and many more. The power of these systems mean that many of the top tipping services are as clued up as the bookies themselves and this will give many punters an edge. One difference is that the tipsters will offer a few matches in a jackpot that bookmakers have set out slightly different odds. For example sportspesa (sportpesa jackpot prediction) will offer Man City to beat United at 1.5/1, while the tipster may suggest that United will surprise away from home.
If these tipping services offer exactly the same odds as the betting sites than they are no more than overpaid middlemen. They have to offer something more to the table, and often even more research will take place to predict an upset.
The site seemingly only offers predictions on the sportspesa matches but it stands to reason that punters can use this information then go to other betting sites that offer different odds.
The site covers the full football market and is especially helpful when trying to land the jackpot, the Mega Jackpot and various other accumulated bets.
The opportunity to win a substantial pay-out is what draws customers to this platform as an expert eye, or computer system is needed to pick the winners.
The site almost looks as slick as an actual top-rated sports betting site and this means that the developers have pumped money and resources into providing a world class service.
This is a boon to bettors as it brings a trust value not offered by many so-called tipping sites.
Mjomba offers a full catalogue of products, prices and services rendered as well as FAQ’s, terms and conditions.
The site has a decent layout, good graphics and a well-presented catalogue on the landing page.
The scheduled matches for the day are all on the landing page and a punter can simply scroll down, select their game or games and click on the icon. This will open up a page that offers the odds, historical data, and previous matches for the sides contesting the game.
They obviously cannot give away odds or their tip as that information is for subscribers only.
The registration process is well presented and convenient and bettors can expect a pleasant experience becoming a member of an elite tip service.
Signing up is very similar to join an online sports betting site, click on the register icon and follow the prompts, like user name and password.
Payment is done through Mpesa SMS -0710792715.
Once you have registered and made a payment and choose matches then an SMS will be sent to the bettor withy the prediction.
Under Frequently Asked Questions, the site explains that they cannot guarantee a 100% win ratio, but they do offer free selection for the next day.
That is the problem with tipping sites – many punters feel if they pay extra for expert advice they feel a sense of entitlement to win, but obviously this is never guaranteed. Mjomba then offer free bets for the next day, but after that the user must pay the normal price once again.
The site also offers a ‘refer a friend’ reward with a daily newcomer earning the subscriber 100Khs. If the new player joins the weekly plan then the referrer will receive double that.
For each monthly subscriber the referrer will get 500 Khs deposited into their account.
The site also allows subscribers to withdraw the money and then place a bet at their selected bookmaker. Obviously the more friends you refer the more free betting money you can accumulate. There is no limit to the amount of friends to be referred. The money could also be used to continue to use the predictor’s tips.
The site is one of the better on the market and seem to have a relationship with sportpesa, which is one of the biggest sites in Africa. This means sportpesa are confident enough to associate their beloved brand with this tipping service and this can allay fears of punters.