Powerbets Jackpot Prediction

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We list Predictions for all the Powerbets Jackpots.
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Soccer 4 Tips

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Soccer 6 Tips

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Soccer 10 Tips

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Soccer 13 Tips

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Powerbets.co.ke is one of the most rapidly improving online sports betting sites in Kenya and have moved one from a single dimension platform to one that offers decent promotions and a ‘new’ jackpot feature.

The site is most easily accessed through their mobi site and the portal is one of the better on the market, in a crowded industry, all competing for a large slice of the Kenyan betting populace. The website has an easy-going look and feel while the mobi side of the site is one of their biggest strengths.

The site has shaken off one of their biggest criticisms – a lack of a jackpot – and have included this new feature, as they try increase their stake in the burgeoning world of sports betting.

The jackpot can be accessed by joining up with the site, inserting a user-name and password.

The jackpot is made up of a series of pool betting on football. A pool bet is the combination of a set of scheduled encounters, whereby the punter must accurately predict the outcome of a pre-set number of fixtures.

The site does not offer all the amenities of a casino feature like many competitors but more than makes up for this by offering the basic betting services with excellence. The site is more compact than many and this can prove advantageous in many regards.

Powerbets offers many promotions like a sign up bonus and a ‘refer a friend’, as well as a newly-formed spin and win game.

Once signed in a punter will be able to bet on the football jackpot pools four times a day, with most cut-off times ranging from between 8 pm and 10 pm, depending on the day of the week.

Weekend football pools vary in times as matches kick off earlier in a given day of action.

There are a variety of football pools to select from, ranging from a soccer 1 to a soccer13 extra.

The jackpot prizes vary according to the amount of fixtures scheduled for the event. For example an average pay-out for a soccer 4 starts off at approximately 100 000 Kenyan Shillings while for the soccer 13 extra prize pay-outs can reach 5 million Kes. This is based on accumulated winnings if the jackpot was not hit the round before.

The dividends will be determined by dividing the bet pool by the total number of unit bets on the winning combinations.

The various jackpot pools on offer are; soccer 1 – which comprises one football match, with six outcomes possible. A punter can make a selection out of one of the following ways to win the soccer 1 jackpot: team A to win by a difference of 1 goal, team A to win by a difference of 2 goals or more, a no-s core draw, a score-draw, team B to win by a difference of one goal and finally team B to win by a difference of 2 goals and more.

The minimum bet for a soccer1 is 10 Kes and the unit of betting is in amounts of 40 Kes.

The soccer 4 bet is almost identical to soccer 1 with the same six betting options, but spread over four fixtures. A punter must choose a number between 1 and 6 (above paragraph results available) and repeat this for four separate matches. A bet card will then read 1-4-5-2 for example.

The unit of betting is 50 Kenyan shillings and the minimum bet is 50 bob.

The soccer6 football jackpot pool as offered by powerbets.co.za is made up of the more traditional system of betting on a soccer jackpot, with a punter having to decide on one of three results on each fixture, hone win, draw or draw. The minimum bet and unit of betting is 50 bob.

The soccer10 is an extension of the football soccer6 pool, but extended over ten matches. The only major difference is the minimum stake and unit of betting, both being 20 Kes.

Powerbets.co.ke offers an explanation of the dividend as the following; 80% of pool will be allocated by bets with all 10 correct t scores, while the other 20% will be for punters who accurately predicted nine of the ten results.

If there is no full-house winner then that 80% will be carried over to next football 10 pool and this applies to nine out of ten correct as well.

The next football pool offered is the soccer13 extra which is akin to soccer10 but with 13 games. The dividend is slightly different as punters can win from 10 out of 13 through to the full house.

The more correct games predicted the higher the pay-out. The minimum and unit is also 20 bob.

Another pool offering is a soccer score pool, with punters having to predict whether one, or both or neither side will score – over 10 games. The minimum bet and unit of betting is 20 Kenyan Shillings.

The final football jackpot pool game on offer is the unique ‘time bomb’ with a punter having to select a time period for goals to be scored (from either side) or no goals. There are 30 different time frames to bet on, with 1-29 denoting time-frames from minute 1-90 and 30 being NO GOALS SCORED IN MATCH. This games is played over ten legs and the minimum bet and unit of betting is 10 bob.

All results from the pools will be shown at 12 noon the following day after the final kick-off. The results and dividends are available on the powerbets.co.ke web or mobi-site.

The matches for all the pools are taken from leagues across the world, with the English Premier League, South African Soccer League and various European leagues, particularly popular.

With the many jackpots taking place each day, the net of league matches are extended to cover almost any professional league across the globe.

Powerbets.co.ke offers a constant stream of daily jackpots and smart-as-whip updated results and winning dividends, making this a top-notch bet-site for punters.