Premierbet Jackpot Prediction

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The Premierbet jackpot is weekly (weekend) and features 12 legs meaning a punter must accurately predict the outcome of 12 games, denoting whether the game will end in a win for the home team (H), the contest ends in a draw (X) or the away team (A) will triumph.

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The jackpot may be in its founding stages but it is rather embarrassing to have a grand jackpot win-amount stand at a miserly 8700 Kenyan Shillings.

The Premier 12 jackpot winnings are so small that a punter could take a multi-bet of 12 games on a normal stake and win far more.

The matches are taken from leagues around the world with the English Championship, EPL, La Liga, French Lige 1nd Serie A all featuring.

Premierbet Jackpot Prediction

Research into the jackpot history, including reading many reviews and blogs, indicate that they do not have one at all. This is misleading as they clearly have a jackpot link on their page, it is just that it is so small as to be rendered almost useless.

The online sports betting game is so dynamic and fluid that punters must not look too deep into old reviews as jackpots, promotions and bonuses do change and fluctuate wildly. may be lining up for greater giveaways but with this marketing strategy currently employed, they will not reach the required number of punters willing to throw away money on a paltry jackpot. They may as well go to sportpesa, join up and play the jackpots they offer.

More research shows the premierbet Tanzania site does not even offer a jackpot at present and this is a good indication of the Premierbets’ brand outlook into one of the most lucrative forms of online sports betting.

The main site does not have any information in their rules, FAQ’s and terms and conditions link. There is no mention of a minimum bet for the jackpot, nor pay-out structure and potential jackpot earnings.

This is very much a case of the cart before the horse.

If any punters would like to try win the 8700 bob on offer they can follow historical data analysis, prediction sites and do research into scheduled matches (home form, away form, injuries for example). It does not seem worth all that trouble for such a small grand prize though and punters should rather check out massive jackpots like sportpesa mega for example.

Jackpot amount: It varies –the prize is a percentage of the jackpot pool amount across the global Premier Bet platform and so is subject to change due to the daily exchange rate.
Occurrence: Every week
You need to: correctly predict the scores of 12 matches. In the event of multiple winners, the Jackpot prize money will be shared. Consolation prizes are available for those who correctly guess 10 or 11 matches.
Minimum bet: Not known
Previous winners? Yes. On the 12 November 2018, a punter won KSH 14,238,559.78, for correctly guessing 10 matches correctly.
Other rules: If a chosen fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed the Jackpot will be voided within 48 hours from the kick-off time.
The winner will only receive one winning payment – no additional payments will be processed for bonuses.

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