ScorePesa Predictions

Scorepesa looks like an exciting new kenya bookmaker and the initial impression of the ambitious site is pleasing.

The main landing page reveals the scope of the brand, with amenities such as live betting and a decent football jackpot in place.

Clicking on the jackpot tab – found on the main menu directory lets the player know that the scorepesa jackpot is “coming soon”.

By clicking on the live betting tab, also found on the main menu directory on the landing page reveals the exact same message.

The site is obviously in the process of launching or upgrading but on the face of it, the offering looks like it could become a player in the market – considering these elements are actively in the works.

The menu directory, running horizontally across the opening page, provides links headlined Today’s Specials, All Games, Live Games, Jackpot, How to Play, Deposit, Login, and register.

Scorepesa does provide a large banner advertising the waybill number – 290080, right at the top of the main landing page.

Scorepesa does not boast the largest range of sporting codes, with the main preference being football. There are bets to be had on codes such as volleyball, rugby, basketball and cricket.

The bet-market is not as extensive as many industry-leading sites but offers a decent football range as well as a little something for punters who follow other sports.

The football market is average sized with all the main European leagues in the mix as some lesser known competitions.

The football leagues available for bet-makers runs in a vertical menu directory down the left-hand flank of the main landing page.

Next to each league there is a number in a bracket which denotes the number of current bets on any given competition, and judging by the numbers, a punter can see that the site has not taken off yet. The addition of live play and a football jackpot will be timely and needed.

There are no discernible promotions on offer, which is another glaring omission that will hopefully be rectified as the platform unfolds and develops in the future.

Promotions are one of the most popular ways to attract new consumers, and keep a loyal database, and with no first-time deposit, accumulator bonus, ‘refer a friend’ reward and more, the portal is one the back foot.

The look and feel of the portal is impressive, with clean lines, readable and understandable page formatting (bet slip positioning, waybill number and more).

The vital information like terms, conditions and gameplay rules can be found in links at the bottom of the main landing page.

The ‘how to play’ link (found on the main menu and at the bottom of the page) is comprehensive and explains the need-to-know steps to play on this platform.

Punters can join via SMS – sending a text reading GAMES to 29008.

A player can deposit by using the waybill number 290080, and the maximum deposit is 75 000 Shillings.

To withdraw a player must SMS W#AMOUNT to 29008.

A punter can find a detailed list of do’s and don’ts under the tab terms and conditions (bottom of the page).

Information available include, a minimum betting amount of 50 Ksh, a maximum bet-amount of 10 000 Ksh.

The max winning bet can only be 20 000 bob, either for a single or multi-bet.

The max winnings withdrawals are set at 20 000 Ksh per day.

These maximum win amounts are very worrying as it seems, at this stage of the site development, that there is not much chance for players to earn a decent win. Maximum pay-outs and withdrawals of 20 000 Shillings is bad news for players who dream big.

This is almost akin to a novice, beginner site and while the platform looks ambitious with its jackpot looming, the truth is that now scorepesa is not delivering on many key fronts.

The upcoming jackpot details can be found in the terms and conditions, and according to the site information there will be a weekly 1 million Kenyan Shillings up for grabs. There is no accumulator so if no punter hits all the correct predictions, then the win-amount will always be a total pool giveaway of 1 million bob.

The jackpot gameplay is different to many other models on other platforms with the competition being a seven-leg affair. A punter must not only predict from the 1×2 variety (home win, draw or away win), but also predict whether each game will finish under or over 2.5. There are six possible outcomes per leg, for example 1O (meaning a home win and over 2.5).

The minimum bet for the pending jackpot will be 30 Ksh.

There is mention of promotions currently on offer to punters, in the fine print of the terms and conditions. Why this is hidden and not advertised on the landing page is confusing.

According to this section there is a top-up bonus, whereby a player will get 50 bob, if they deposit 200 Shillings or more.

There is also a referral bonus of 50 bob. The developers should be promotion their giveaways instead of hiding them in small print and this oversight will hopefully be fixed ahead of their jackpot and live betting options being validated.

The site looks great, has a sooth look and feel, but unless they do eventually bring in the jackpot and live in-play betting they have little chance to succeed.

The fact that there are no advertised promos (other than the two tucked away) and that the max win amounts are so small, are other disadvantages.

The site looks promising but looks can be deceiving.