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Almost every online sports betting site in Kenya uses a number of promotions, including first time deposit bonuses, ‘refer a Friend’ rewards and free bets.

Free bets are a feature of many of the leading Kenyan betting sites, and affords punters with an opportunity to play, and win, at no cost. Free bets are only for registered players and is a top-notch marketing strategy that is well supported in Kenya.

The concept of free betting can take a few forms, with the ‘refer a friend’ method ensuring that for every person a punter brings on board they will earn a certain amount in free play.

Free betting can also be described as a welcome first-time deposit bonus. For example, if a punter makes a deposit of 10 000 Shillings, their respective bet wallet can show amounts of up to 30 000 Shillings, thus earning the players a free Ksh 20 000.

Almost all the Kenyan betting sites offer a first deposit bonus, and the terms and conditions of each site will determine the nature of the ‘free betting’.

Many sites request a punter to turn over their ‘free’ money a certain amount of times, meaning if it is five times, a player must make 5 bets to qualify to win through this feature. All sites offering this feature also state the minimum odds at which free bets can be claimed.

There are a host of sites in Kenya that offer free bets, including;

Mcheza refer a friend Free Bets is a top-quality online bet platform that offers free bets among many promotions.

A punter can earn free bets through the ever popular ‘refer a friend’ bonus. A friend referral will earn a punter a free bet of 225 Kenyan Shillings. From then on, a player will earn free play through the next 3 bets the new members makes. The first bet will earn a punter 1000 Ksh, the second punt will earn a friend 75 and a third bet will bring a free bet-amount of 50 Shillings.

Helabet Kenya often offers free bets as a way to reward new and loyal consumers.

The site rotates and often hosts free bet specials, and while there are none according to the latest Helabet site, there are many times in the recent past where thy provide this service.

There is a welcome bonus of up to 100% and with a maximum of 40 000 Ksh. This means that punters can double their initial deposit and use the extra amount as a form of free betting. Terms and conditions of the site mean that the free bets must be turned over to qualify for this bonus.

In the recent past the site also offers a 20% deposit bonus daily, providing an extra 20 percent of free bets.

From past reviews of the site there has also been a daily free bet bonus of 50 Ksh when a punters deposits 100 bob.

Again, this is not on the site at this moment, but Helabet often offer free bets in a similar vein.


Betyetu Kenya is a solid performer in the free bet department, with punters earning a free bet by placing a wager on a multi-bet of five or more legs (if one leg misses out).

Powerbets Kenya

Powerbets Kenya offers a large bet-market and quality promotions including a range of free bets. Free betting is a marketing strategy employed by many of the country’s leading sites.
The feature varies from time to time but Powerbets seems to always have some form of this feature.

They currently offer three ‘free bets’ promotions including a 1000 Ksh first time deposit voucher, and a free bet of 20 bob on registration.

Download the site’s app and a punter will receive a further 1000 Ksh in free bets.

There is also a first-time deposit welcome bonus with a maximum value of 100 bob, meaning if a punter deposits this amount, they will receive the same back to use as free bets. In the recent past the site also offered punters a decent ‘refer a friend’ bonus which translated to a 25 Ksh free bet.

Sahara Games

Sahara games offers all amenities associated with a quality platform, and provides promotions and rewards, including ta sign-up bonus. The minimum deposit to qualify for this game is 250 Ksh. Once the deposit is done and a bet is placed at odds of 3/1 or higher the punter receives a free bet.

The site does say in its terms and conditions that promotions are subject to change.

Betika 50 KSH Free Bonus Bet

Betika is one of the more well-established online betting portals in the country and offers a 50 Ksh free bet bonus for a deposit of 500 Ksh or over.

The site does not have a free bets feature as such, but the terms and conditions state that they add in new promotions on a constant basis. The trend in Kenya is to offer free bets across different platforms, including a welcome deposit bonus. This allows punters an opportunity to win at no cost.


The well-established brand offers some of the best bet-action in the East African country, with a diverse bet-market, top-notch promotions and sizeable win opportunities across the board.

The site has a unique 200% first time deposit bonus, which is one of the biggest on the continent, with a maximum deposit amount of 10 000 Ksh. This means that if a punter signs up with 10k, they will get 30 000 Ksh in their bet-wallet.

The use of the extra 20 Ksh is set by the operator’s terms and conditions and will need to be turned over, qualifying in a broad sense as free betting.

The minimum deposit to earn this free bet bonus is 112 Ksh.

The site also offers a ‘refer a friend’ bonus of 20% of the new subscriber’s initial deposit. This bonus adds to more free betting for punters.

M-bet Kenya Free 25 Ksh Welcome Bonus

M-bet falls in the medium-quality category, with a smaller bet-market, game play and range of promotions.
The site only offers a welcome bonus to a maximum of 25 Ksh, which is on the extremely low side.

Essentially this means that after signing up a punter can double their money to that maximum, with the double up amount to be used as a free bet.

The turnaround is only two bets and the punter can place a wager at anything from 1/1 upwards.

Betway Kenya 50% Welcome Bonus

The Kenyan sports betting industry is awash with major players and the likes of the well-known Betway portal offers one of the widest selections in every category.

The site provides some of the biggest promotional giveaways and includes a host of free bet packages.

The first free bet on offer is the welcome bonus, with Betway Kenya offering a 50% signing on reward up to 5000 Shillings, which is substantial when compared to many other platforms.

This extra 50% requires a three-bet turnaround to qualify for the reward and can be played on all sport events and football jackpots. The only downside is that each event must be at 3/1 or higher.

The second free bet option is to select the first goal scorer in four soccer matches, This offer is valid for one pick for new players but according to site free bets could be allocated at any time, for a variety of reasons or reward options.

The first prize on this free bet game is a whopping 1 million Kenyan Shillings.

The third free-bet option is the popular ‘refer a friend’ reward with punters with every new subscriber to the tune of 50 Ksh. Once a ‘friend’ signs up the member will qualify for a 50-bob free bet.

Betway Kenya offers punters a top-notch chance to win large on free bet play and is recommended for players interested in picking up cash for free.

Bantu Bet 300% Freebet on Your first 3 Deposits