Multibet vs Jackpot Which is better

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Want to bet small but potentially win BIG? This is almost impossible by betting on just one market, and the odds have to be absolutely massive for you to see any reasonably large return. There are only two ways to maximise your potential win. These are:
1) Placing a Multibet
2) Placing a Jackpot bet

Let’s see how these are different and then you can decide which is the best option for you, and then see which betting site in Kenya you should join.


A multibet, or multiple bet (often referred to as an Accumulator bet), is when a player adds multiple bets onto the same betslip. The bets can be on the same match, but need to be on different markets. They can also be on any odds that are available. As you add more and more bets to the betslip, the odds begin to increase dramatically, and even 15 low odd individual bets, can result in a multibet with massive odds. With a multibet, you are able to choose whichever match and markets you want, as well as whatever number of bets you want to place on the total multibet. You are also able to choose the amount you want to stake. By using our football betting tips and predictions , you can increase the likelihood of success.
If one of the matches in your multibe loses, you typically lose the full stake, unless you are offered and accept a cashout.


A jackpot is quite different from a multibet. A jackpot is a predetermined (by the bookmaker) set of matches. The betting company will choose how many matches are in the jackpot (anywhere from 4 to 20) and will choose which matches to include. The bookmaker also chooses the min. stake you have to use. Typically you are also restricted by markets and can only bet on 1 X 2.
Finally the jackpot bonus is determined in 2 ways. Either, is a guaranteed amount for every jackpot, or it is a result of how many players enter the jackpot – the more players, the higher the jackpot bonus. Jackpots, also only take part on certain days and typically only once pr twice per week.

So why would a person choose a jackpot over a multibet. Ultimately the choice is yours, but most users seems to like playing jackpots as they are very easy to enter. They two options are not mutually exclusive and of course many players who play jackpots, also place multibets. Certain jackpots also come with prestige of winning, as you know that out of XX number of players who all bet on the same matches and markets, you were the only one to get them all correct.