My Lotto Kenya Predictions

The Kenyan online lottery scene is moving forward at a rapid pace and one of the top sites to get in on the action is

The East African country is well-known for their many leading online sports betting jackpots and now millions of people have access to top-notch lottery draws and opportunities to win life-changing amounts. Winning cash on this site is only available to Kenyan citizens.

The portal is a basic lottery set-up and does what it says on the box, meaning the lay-out, game-play and ‘how to play’ sections are easy to follow.

My Lotto Kenya (also called kenya lotto 777000) does not offer as much information as an online sports betting site as the bet-market is restricted a handful of lottery draws per week – this means that the landing page is clean, neat and highly accessible to all sorts of punters across the social spectrum.

The site does make use of large images of previous winners, holding life-altering cheques and this can spur players to take a punt, as a photograph tends to bring the reality of winning that much closer.

My lotto Kenya Predictions

The platform offers two draws per week, on a Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9 pm. The entries for the respective draws end at 8pm on the evening of the draw. The results of each lottery is shown on the web and mobi-site minutes after completion, while punters can also follow the event on the Lotto Live Show, on the KTN television station available in Kenya at 10 pm.

The lottery is very similar to the one held across many countries, using a Powerball sequence. The draw is made of 1-49 numbers and the bonus ball ranges from 0-9.

The punter must therefore select 6 different numbers from the first set (1-49) and then predict a bonus ball (0-9).

There are wins for nine winning tickets, in descending order – starting with the 100 million Kenyan Shillings prize, all the way down to ninth prize of 75 Ksh for correctly selecting two numbers and the bonus number.

The cost for one ticket is 50 Ksh.

There is another fun-filled lottery draw done four times a day, with prizes of 50 000 Ksh up for grabs.

The draws are done at 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm and every single day the site gives away Ksh 200 000 to lucky players.

The forum also advertises that it has helped more than 5.5 million Kenyans win (across all nine prizes).

There is also more chances to win, with the site offering a ‘Second Chance’ – with the operators randomly selecting tickets from that day’s draw, and – on the KTM Lotto Live Show, the presenters will call the ticket holders to give them extra chances to win. Punters can stand a chance to win cash prizes, up to Ksh 250,000.

There is another top lottery game, almost hidden from users on the site, but a quick click on the ‘results’ icon at the top of the landing page will show that the Supa Monday Draw offers punters a chance to win 1 million Ksh. To win on this game a punter must purchase a ticket within a seven day period between Monday 9 pm to the following Monday 9 pm. This is a subsidiary draw to the main lottery and winners will be announced on the Lotto Live TV show. The punter can use their original main draw ticket to qualify for the Supa Monday Draw – costing 50 Ksh.

This essentially means that by purchasing one main draw ticket, the punter will also stand a chance to win the Monday Supa Draw with the same numbers.  

The bet-slip will come up when a user clicks on the ‘Play’ icon at the top left of the landing page, and the slip is highly simple to use should not take more than 30 seconds to play.

The site also states that all lotto winnings are subject to 20% tax, as per legislation.

The site also explains ‘how to play’ and the directions are simple to understand.

To start playing, register and pick your numbers. To buy your ticket, deposit money in your online account via MPESA. Simply choose the Lipa na M-PESA option from the MPESA menu and send at least KSh 50 to PayBill Business Number 777000, with account number WEB.

To enter via MPESA simply choose the Lipa na M-PESA option from the MPESA menu and send at least KSh 50 to PayBill Business Number 777000, with account number WEB to receive your lucky numbers.

To enter via SMS simply text WEB to 79007 for your lucky numbers, or to pick your own text WEB with 6 unique numbers from 1 to 49 and the bonus number from 0 to 9. For example WEB 1*5*12*19*31*42*0. Then follow the instructions to top up your account via MPESA if required.

The site also makes withdrawing a basic affair, with the punter having to follow this procedure: To withdraw money, login and click on the ‘Withdraw’ icon and follow the on screen instructions. Alternatively, you can SMS the word WITHDRAW + amount (e.g. WITHDRAW 1000) to 79007.
The funds will appear in the punter’s account within hours. The customer support team can be reached on 0703065032.

There is also a ‘how to play’ video tutorial offered by the operators and this can be found on the ‘how to play’ link as shown on the landing page menu.

The site is one of the easiest to navigate and offers Kenyans a terrific opportunity to win the grand prize and live out their dreams.