Probability of Winning Sportpesa Jackpot

The site boasts a quartet of jackpot opportunities in a week, with most happening over the weekend. The mid-week jackpot, especially with the Champions League in full swing is proving massively popular with an estimated 1.5 million Kenyans lining up to hit the big time. There is often an opportunity for punters to put away their weekend blues and get stuck into the Monday draw.

The weekend mega jackpot draw in an estimated 2.5 million sports bettors from across the country, while the mega jackpot draw is akin to winning the lottery and sports punters from across the length and breadth of the country play sportspesa. The mega-jackpot hits staggering sums of 250 million Kenyan Shillings and has been won a few times each year. The mega jackpot is made up of 17 matches and is harder to hit, but the rewards are far more substantial.

The Sportpesa Jackpot is a special type of multi bet with thirteen matches, with the punter having to predict the outcome of a series of scheduled matches, taken from leagues across the world.

To win the jackpot, or even win 12, 11 or 10 of the 13 legs a punter must decide if the home team is going to win, or the match will play out to a draw, or on an away team picking up the three points.

The punter marks a predicted home win with an (H), a draw with an X or an away win (W), and replicate this over 13 matches of the allotted amount for that draw on that particular day.

The midweek jackpot, made up of 13 matches is admittedly difficult to predict and that is where the punter can improve his or her chances, with a host of variants on offer. This comes through many variables such as taking double chances on some of the matches, putting in a few bankers (this is results the punter feels are certain wins for the pick), and of course research, historical data and a smidgen of good old fashioned luck.

Such is the jackpot fever that sweeps across Kenya when a Mega Jackpot has been won that almost all local newspapers and websites carry the news to millions of readers.

Before delving into jackpot prediction tips and ideas a few key details surrounding the jackpots is in order. A punter needs to know exactly how to go about placing the stake, and all the details regarding winnings and terms and conditions. You have to be in it, to win it and this is why it is important to take note of the logistical demands (simple as they are) to stand in line to become a large cash winner.

The minimum stake is 100 bob while the maximum stake can be as high as a punter wants (see below how the double chance betting works). Note there is no limit to the amount of tickets or stakes a punter can play, and if the bettor wants to play a 100 times, to the max value of 12800 bob then not only are they welcome but their chances of winning will increase dramatically.

All sportpesa players will have access to place a stake on the variety of weekly jackpots and should be well aware of the procedure.

For new players the following is important:

To place a Sportpesa Jackpot Match follow the following steps: Open a Sportpesa account, SMS ACCEPT#0704703802 TO 79079, Visit or click on the link below, then place your bet by clicking on your possible outcome picks.

To place a bet via SMS by following the following simple steps: Create a Sportpesa account SMS ACCEPT#0704703802 TO 79079, SMS JP#YOUR 13 PICKS#AMOUNT TO 79079 (a stake will look like this for example, JP#21X21XX122112#100 TO 79079).

Playing Double Chance on the Sportpesa Jackpot increases your stake by a double value every time you add a Double Chance Selection in your bet.

The sportpesa jackpot pay-out for a winner of the golden ticket is a minimum of 10 million bob, but if no person hits the winning scores the amount can easily reach plus 40 million Kenyan Shillings. The chance of winning the jackpot is estimated at 1.6 million to one.

The biggest drawcard for sportpesa when it comes to jackpot news is the stunning mega jackpot, as offered by the site and is one of the true drawcards in the world of online sports betting. Many punters may be members of other betting sites, but will play at sportpesa just for the jackpot, and especially the Mega Jackpot.

The mega is made up of 17 matches, so the odds of landing the big fish rises dramatically, but as is the nature of life-changing monies the reward is far higher.

In the past two years there have been two major jackpot winners with Samuel Abisai winning 221 million Ksh and Gordon Ogada then topping that amount, snatching a record-breaking 230 million Kenyan Shillings.

These winners prove that sports betting can change lives.

The cash prize for the Mega Jackpot starts at Ksh 100 million, a staggering amount and if no person wins then this accumulates and is carried over to the next mega draw until it is won.

Mega Jackpot is equally shared among all the winners. Bonuses are awarded for 12 ,13,14,15 and 16 correct predictions.

You can place as many bets as you wish on the Mega Jackpot and each bet costs Sh100.

Before we attack prediction advice including a myriad of variables, here is some information regarding the details to stand in line to become a millionaire.

Here are some registration tips:

To play the SportPesa Mega Jackpot via Web a punter must log into your SportPesa account and click on the ‘Mega Jackpot’ banner at the top of the screen.

In order to place your Mega Jackpot bet, click on the team you predict to win. Click on either the Home team (first listed team or 1) or the Away team (second listed team or 2).

If you wish to predict an outcome of a draw, click in the middle of the two teams to select X (DRAW).

Then continue making home win, draw or away win predictions for each of the 17 Mega Jackpot games.

A bet slip will appear with all your predictions.

On the bet slip, you will also be able to see the number of combinations made. If you have not placed a combination bet, the number of combinations will be 1.

Once the punter has selected their picks then a simple click will place the bet.

Finally a bettor must click OK in order to confirm or click ‘Cancel’ in order to decline.

A message will be displayed on your screen to confirm the placement of your Mega Jackpot bet.

The Kenyan sports betting market is largely played on mobile devices as the mobile dominates the bet-world regarding sites like sportpesa.

To play the SportPesa Mega Jackpot via mobile a punter can place a bet on the Mega Jackpot by sending an SMS to 79079 “MJP” followed by “#” then the 17 predictions of the pre-selected games.

An example can look like MJP#121XXXX121XX11121

The punter will then receive a confirmation message from 79079 showing your Mega Jackpot Bet ID, all the 17 predictions you have made, the bet amount and your SportPesa account balance.

There are massive rewards for punters who may not predict all 17 results, as there have been many winners who have scored 20 million bob+ by getting 16 correct (if no person wins the mega amount). One winner even won 40 million by winning this bonus (one-out) feature. Obviously the more legs a punter is pout, the more likely the chances of sharing the pot with multiple winners.

Some average wins for picking 15 correct results range in the 200 000-500 000 bob earnings while many players who nailed 14 out of 17 normally earn 25 000-50 000 bob.

Even 13 correct predictions means a punter can walk away with an average pay out of 10 thousand Ksh, while 12 correct picks will earn the bettor approximately 3000 bob.

There are many factors to take into account when trying to accurately forecast the correct 13, or 17 results and a punter can use many guidelines to assist in predicting the outcomes.

There are a host of prediction tip services available, especially online but punters must generally pay a subscription to these platforms to make use of this advice.

The predictors use a string of theoretical data as well as statistical analysis, saving the punter time when it comes to in-depth research.

The algorithms use by world-class predictor services are tuned in to pick up every aspect of each match in the sportpesa jackpots and this will take in historical data, for example the last 30 results between two teams like Manchester City versus Liverpool at Anfield. This historical data may seem irrelevant but in football home advantage is massive and could turn what on paper looks like an away win into a draw.

Just look at a South African example (sportpesa often uses South Africa’s Premier Soccer League as matches on their jackpots): Kaizer Chiefs versus Orlando Pirates is one of the biggest derby games in Africa and they clubs boast some of the finest attacking talent in the world. But the pressure of a derby more than likely will see a drawn result.

A punter must take this historical data into account, and prediction generators will definitely factors this into their equations.

Other variables are the pitch conditions (adverse weather in the build-up or on match day), injuries to key players, managers losing the changing room (meaning they have lost respect of senior players, who often do not then give their all on the park), and boardroom issues.

A recent example of a boardroom situation affecting the outcome of a match was when Leicester City’s billionaire owner died in a helicopter crash after taking off at the completion of a game.

The next game for Leicester City was an away game against Cardiff. The owner was much loved by players and staff and was instrumental in the Foxes winning the EPL crown a few years back (at odds of 5000/1). Players had to travel to Thailand for the funeral after the game, so their head space must have been taken into account by bookmakers. The club would go on to defeat Cardiff away from home 1-0, a result which might not have happened before the crash.

The prediction algorithms, or plain research for the punter, will take all these factors into account (for each match on the jackpot list) and assist the bettor to make an informed pick. Obviously this kind of research for 17 games is nigh on impossible to collate for the punter so using prediction sites or statistics and theory is a good ploy.

However a punter looks at it, the sportpesa jackpot and mega jackpot are among the largest in Africa and as such sportpesa is among an elite few continental sites to change lives, or help serious punters earn a living through their knowledge and skills.